Bob has over 20 years’ experience with shamanic energy healing, sound healing and transformation.  His experience as a shaman started at Machu Picchu, Peru in1999.  He incorporates his energy healing and sound healing to provide a transforming healing session that you are unlikely to experience from anyone else.  He also provides distant and phone healing sessions.

He also conducts various ceremonies, they include: Healing, Wedding, Full Moon, New Moon, Burial, Newborn and Rite of Passage. He can tailor a ceremony to your desires. Please contact him to arrange your ceremony.

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Bob conducts workshops on various topics, including “Increasing your awareness”, “Chakra Toning & Sound Healing”, “Clearing Energy”, “Animal and Spirit Guides”, “Soul Retrieval”, and more.  He also performs musical healing experiences for groups to bring about a unique relaxing and healing musical experience.  Bob provides his services primarily in the Denver area and is available for other locations. 

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Relax to the soothing and inspirational sounds of the Native American flute music created by Michigan born artist Bob Brown.  These collections of songs are lovingly played from the heart and create an ideal soothing environment for meditation, massage, and many other therapeutic practices, as well as to simply enjoy the melodies.  The music was created with four Native American flutes of different sizes.

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BUY the physical CD for  $15 or 2 for $25 (shipping is included), contact Bob at or     760-710-9634.