Intuitive Shamanic Healing Services and Ceremonies

Healing Services

Healing session incorporating shamanic techniques, sound and movement are performed at your location in the Southern California area, at my apartment, or distant healing on or off the phone.

If you are ready to really get down to business with healing your physical, emotional and spiritual challenges then Bob is the healer for you. You will experience a healing session that is not like anything you have ever had before.

Bob is an intuitive healer that opens his awareness to listen to your higher Self and the spirit world to provide the services and techniques that he is guided to perform.  He incorporates Shamanic healing techniques, sound and movement to provide an unforgettable healing experience.  He may utilize sound therapy using flutes, rattles, drums, toning, singing and talking to help shift your energy.



Bob conducts various ceremonies, including: Healing, Wedding, Full Moon, New Moon, Burial, Newborn and Rite of Passage.

He can tailor a ceremony to your desires. Please contact him to arrange your ceremony.


He has over 20years’ experience in energy healing and performing ceremonies.

He brings a diversity and breadth of knowledge and experience that you will not find elsewhere.

Call Bob at 760-710-9634 or send an e-mail to to schedule an appointment.